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I’ve been working on this new website since maybe December? I honestly can’t remember at this point. It’s been a series of on and off, hours here, hours there. Lots of pauses in between. Lots of hiccups, roadblocks, and creating new paths along the way. I wanted to launch this website months ago. Before I released any solo music. Before I even thought about switching my brand to MR. RE. I took the self-portraits on here with the thought the site would be ready soon after. I kept finding excuses to put it off, though. My perfectionism really took a hold of me, and at some point, I realized it would never get done if I kept stopping myself.

In my defense, there’s also a lot of parts to this website. Curating the content and organizing the structure was a big headache, but was fulfilling at the same time—I felt like I was creating something original and true to me. Originally, I really wanted it up for professional purposes, like applying for jobs or tours, but now I feel like it serves more functions than just that. If I had launched it when I originally wanted to, it wouldn’t have been the same as it is now, and what it is now is a product I am proud of. Granted, it’s not entirely done, as the shop isn’t live yet. I have products ready, but some logistic kinks to work out—it will be ready very soon.

I feel like things came together in a way that they needed to.

Trust yourself and trust the process. Things will work out if you let them. Now, on my 25th birthday, it feels like a good time to launch this into the world.

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  • Ralph Jones says:

    Brilliant website – am also using Werkstatt and i’ve now been building for just over a year. Being a designer and not a developer, this process consumes you – and it hasnt helped that this is the first website ive ever built on wordpress. Ive learnt a lot through this process – but honestly it has been a pain.

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