25 Years

One quarter of a century.

I feel like I say or think this every year, but: this past year was my favorite year.

I got a job at a company I’ve wanted to work at since I knew what companies were. I moved out of my parents’ basement and into a place of my own with two amazing humans. I made a music video for my band and released that song. I photographed dozens of my favorite bands. I saw countless live shows. I got tattooed a bunch. I took two impulsive roadtrips with one of my best friends: one that took us to California, where I got to see some of my favorite humans and other best friends, and the other took us to the Northwestern most point in the United States, along with some of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve ever seen.

I met a girl at a concert because I was stagediving and being authentically me, and I guess she thought that was cool; I fell in love with her. I cut my hair off I had been growing for 3 years and donated it to Wigs for Kids. I bleached my hair for the first time ever.

I got my heart broken—this turned out to be a blessing. I fell in love with myself. I fell back in love with spirituality, yoga, God, the Dharma, change, acceptance, peace, the world, the Universe. I took the most amazing trip of my life to Southeast Asia. I fell deeply in love with my parents’ histories and cultures—my roots.

I released solo music for the first time in my life. I flew to Nashville, the furthest East I’ve ever been in the country. I talked on the phone with a member of a band I’ve listened to for 10 years. I moved back into my parents’ basement. I flew to California and back in the same day to handle an outstanding issue—that was just two days ago. I built a new brand and website.

I did all those things in one year, at 24 years old. And so many more things. Summarizing my whole year would take a whole year. At 24, I learned more about myself and my relationship with the world and the Universe than I ever have before. I felt more comfortable with change as I understood that change is constant—something I knew, but never truly grasped. I noticed how much I changed throughout the year; every day.

For 25 years, my identity as Andrew was constantly changing and will continue to do so. Today is day 1 as MR. RE. Here’s to now.

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