Please Kill Me

Please Kill Me is the first oral history of punk. Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain acquire the help of legendary punk figures like Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, David Johansen, Dee Dee Ramone, Nico, Patti Smith, Malcolm McLaren, and so many more famous and infamous names in this historic tell-all.

Client: Book Design Class
Services: Creative Direction, Cover Artwork, Layout


The redesign of this book features heavy postmodern style, as the punk movement greatly influenced the postmodern art and design scene.

While the pages may seem chaotic and crazy, there is a method to the madness.

There is a strict grid system in place that was designed taking contour lines of a denim vest—a popular attire choice amongst punk rockers, and liberty spikes—another popular fashion statement as part of the punk movement. Repeating these contour lines in a pattern gave me this grid to which I could apply the narrative text, resulting in a book that looks punk, and is conceptually punk.


This redesign was done for a class project and was not produced. I do not claim the rights to any of the copy content displayed in the book, only the layout and formatting. Check out this must-read book for all punk fans here.