Nike Technology Awards 2017

Nike is possibly the most recognizable brand in the world. Though when you think about Nike, you don’t necessary think about their technology. Nike Technology employees play an integral role in the company’s innovation and prestige. Nike’s annual award show celebrating these employees must carry out Nike’s strong brand and create a sense of pride for these employees and their contributions.

Client: Nike Technology
Services: Branding, Environmental, Print


Nike is a technology company.

The role of technology in a company like Nike goes understated, but is absolutely crucial. In celebrating the brand’s technological achievements in 2017, we needed to deliver an experience that made these underrated employees feel as important as they are.

The project included custom glitch effects over strong, emotional Nike brand imagery to create a powerful feeling of technology’s role in Nike as a company—if it wasn’t for Nike’s technology, Nike would be nothing. The glitches served as a reminder of that. In addition to Nike brand imagery, cityscape scenes were used to showcase the depth and reach of the work in this function.

There were seven total category awards. Within each category, there were 3 nominees, for a total of 21 teams nominated. Each category was assigned a color distinction and received focused brand imagery.


In true Nike fashion, Futura is prominent.

Though Nike is famous for using the bold-condensed version of the iconic font family, we stripped it down to the basics—Futura Bold and Futura Medium. No condensing for the work of these important employees. Bold served as a title face, with Medium showcasing sharp edges for subtitles. Letter Gothic served as a fun, tech-forward body copy.


A huge rotunda display highlighted every nominee and the event’s branding at the center of the award show.

Along with signage, emails, internal voting pages, custom award trophies, etc—a huge piece of branding content we created was the custom rotunda display. With each team nominee celebrated on its respective category side, hits of Nike branding complete with custom glitching surrounded them on this larger-than-life fixture.