Emerge Natural Health Care

This is a full branding project I did on behalf of Machina Design for Dr. Sarah Larson. The project included creating a brand name, logo, color palette, typography, stationary (business cards and document letterheads), and a website.

Dr. Sarah Larson is a naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist working out of Vancouver, Washington.

Client: Emerge Natural Health Care
Services: Brand, Print, Web


“My job is to guide my patient so that they don’t need me. I want them to understand their illness and know how to take care of it.”

— Dr. Sarah Larson

Sarah’s whole idea behind her practice was offering guidance and knowledge—finding the root source of a patient’s illness and educating them on the best steps for recovery. The humility and compassion that she exudes inspired the brand.

We wanted the name to symbolize the process of breaking through an ailment or condition. The name needed to represent growth, progress, and an aspiration to become better. Emerge was selected.

The brand’s icon represents the five Chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and (Sarah’s favorite) water, working together, in unity. The logotype echoes the movement and forms in the icon’s wave-like features.

The blue and gold colors of the brand represent a trusted healing process that uncovers one’s inner strength. The calming duo of tones pair well and balance each other out.

In an effort to appear professional, but not too medical, the typefaces were carefully selected to be lucid and dependable. A condensed face for the wordmark and titles, and a sleek sans-serif body face, work together with clarity.


Sarah’s practice is responsive and personal, and her website needed to reflect that, as it serves as the business’ face outside the office.

Emerge’s website features a clean and simple user experience, easily explaining the practice and everything anyone would need to know about it. Visit the website of Emerge Natural Healthcare here.